Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Would you like to save gas by gaining extra gas mileages on your vehicle?

Would you like to save gas by gaining extra gas mileages on your vehicle without having to buy a new expensive hybrid car? If your answer is yes, than continue reading my story below.

I have bought this new gasoline and diesel fuel enhancer call eefuel nanotechnology from a close friend of mine. He has been bragging to me for several months about how he has gain extra gas mileages on his 2003 toyota camary using this eefuel enhancer for several weeks. At first I didn't want to believe him but the guy won't shut up. So, to get him of my shoulder, I bought a bottle of this eefuel enhancer from him and use it according to its instructions.

During the first and second tanks, I didn't notice any increase in the gas mileages but did notice that my 2005 toyota sienna engine has more power. Then on the 3nd tank, that's when I realized the big difference in the gas mileages I have received. Let me explain to you below;

On my 3rd tank, I was driving 20% street and 80% freeway which to my suprise I got 465 miles out of a full tank. It was awesome!! This is the best gas mileage I have ever had. I have never gotten over 465 miles on a full tank of gas before. The most I have ever gotten was 440 miles and that is 25 miles lower than what I have gotten with the eefuel enhancer.

As you can see, My 2005 toyota sienna has improved gas mileage about extra 25 miles. This is a real gas saver if you think about it. I have 100% confidence in eefuel now and I know that I will continue to get get better gas mileage. With the increase in MPG; the eefuel pays for itself and to top it off, I can make money simply by sharing the product.